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A Letter to Mom


               I have been thinking recently of the words I would say to you if I could call just call you on the phone for a chat, or pop in at your house for a cup of coffee and girl talk.  I would probably talk about family, the boys and how exhausting it is raising 2 toddlers. I’m sure I would bend your ear about motherhood and my career, and the difficulties and the joys of being a working mom.  It would be chit chat, because that’s what mothers and daughters do.  Daughters lean on their mothers for advice and comfort when everything feels like it is too much to handle.  And mothers, ever so wisely know just the right advice to give and the right words to say.  But really, our conversation would be much heavier if I could talk to you today. 

               It has been 10 years this month since you passed away.  And in most moments when I think of you and revisit memories of you, they are fond and happy. But every so often, I am overwhelmed with sadness, even still a decade after you have gone. It is in these moments I realize what I would want to say if I could talk to you, hear your voice, hug you again. I would tell you how much I love you as I buried my head into the nape of your neck like I was a child again. I would tell you that I understand now that I am a mother. I understand the sacrifices you made, the punishments you asserted, the constant check ins and nagging to ensure my safety.  Because now I am a mom, and I get it! And because of you I am the mother my little boys need.  I first learned love from you because a mother’s love is like no other. I see now, you would have loved me despite anything and nothing would have stopped you from protecting me. I would thank you for all the times I thought I knew what was best for me, but you kept me in line and insisted I was still a child.  I would thank you for teaching me persistence and positivity.  You shaped my personality and my outlook on life.  Watching you suffer for so many years from a disease that slowly deteriorated you, was difficult.  But it was also inspiring, because you never allowed it to take your integrity, your bright smile, and best of all your laugh.  Oh, your laugh…what I wouldn’t give to hear you giggle again.  You had the kind of laugh that lit up a room and made everyone around you giggle too. Mom, I miss you and wish I could talk to you every day. Because I can’t, I will make you proud by being the best mother you raised me to be.  I will love and cherish those 2 little boys and pass on the amazing gifts you have taught me.  I will strive to be a woman respected, who meets challenges with perseverance and tenacity, just as you did.  I will live like every day is my last and take nothing for granted because life is short.  I love you mom.


Dedicated this Mother’s Day by Jessica Fox to Mother, Tammy Stainsby



Tammy Stainsby was born May 22nd 1964 in Arvada, CO. She was married to her high school sweetheart, Rob Stainsby for 37 years.  They had 2 children, Jessica Fox Stainsby and Andy Stainsby.  In the year 1993 Tammy was officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Over the span of 17 years the disease slowly degenerated her body and she slowly lost the ability to walk, stand, and sit up without assistance. She underwent many treatments and some experimental but none that could stop the inevitable.  

Recent studies have shown chemicals and heavy metals in products and in the environment are linked to Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. While genetics play a role in Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many other diseases, recent medical research is showing a strong correlation to exposures to heavy metals such as aluminum and chemicals such as phthalates.  We can only hope, that with more time, research, and funding, these diseases occurring so frequently in our lives will have cures.  In the meantime, we will continue our mission and maintain our values at Mother Nature’s Best Market to keep bringing our customers the best of chemical free and toxic free products.  We hope to make a difference by making this issue more common knowledge.  If you have a story to share about your chemical free lifestyle, we would love to hear it! Tag us on Instagram at @mothernaturesbestmarket or email us at to share a video or written testimonial.