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Starling Skincare

Starling Skincare Max Deodorant, Men's Extra Strength Formula


We've formulated this deodorant to be strong enough for men (but it's also totally awesome for women). Made with *extra baking soda for more wetness absorption and frankincense essential oil for eliminating stronger bacteria and odor. Of course, no aluminum or synthetic fragrances. It really gets the job done. This deodorant is safe to use and non-irritating. Allergen-free, chemical-free and cruelty-free.

Ingredients: baking soda, tapioca starch, coconut oil*, castor oil*, beeswax*, mango butter, magnesium hydroxide, olive oil*, jojoba oil, vitamin e*, natural fragrance derived from essential oils (*organic)

Values: All-Natural, Gluten-Free, Reusable/Recyclable

Chemical Free

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Starling Skincare Max Deodorant, Men's Extra Strength Formula