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Dala Balm Co.

Dala Balm Co. Lavender Anti-Aging Balm


Made from nourishing oils and protective vitamin C, this balm stick helps your skin to recover and rejuvenate from daily elements such as wind, sun, and dry climate. This balm is especially useful for burns of all types owing to the generous amount of Sea Buckthorn Oil which is often used for radiation damage from x-rays and sunburns and for healing wounds and cuts.

Size: .75 oz

How To Use: Our anti-aging Vitamin C face stick for face, neck and hands can be used all over. Use this balm at night, first thing in the morning or anytime your skin is feeling parched. It will quickly soften and moisturize your skin. The oils used in this face balm will absorb easily and are non-comedogenic, meaning they will not clog pores.

Avoid direct contact with eyes.
Caution may stain clothing.

Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus), Cera Bellina: A Derivative of Beeswax (Polyglyceryl-3 Beeswax), Organic Rosehip Oil (Rosa Mosqueta), Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil (Hippophae Rhamnoides), Oil-soluble Vitamin C Ester (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate), Super Sterol Liquid (C10-30 Cholesterol/ Lanosterol Esters), Natural Vitamin E, Organic Essential Oil of Lavender (Lavendula Angustafolia)

Values: All-Natural, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Organic, Reusable/Recyclable

Through trial and triumph, Mother Nature's Best Market was created... 

My wife and I started this company out of naivety. We were naive for many years as we went through life eating what we were told to eat, behaving how we were conditioned to behave, and buying what we were brainwashed to buy. One day the perfect storm that we created from these decisions came to a climax. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. This changed our lives forever. By the grace of God and the help of some great doctors she survived cancer but the mental repercussions and after effects lingered on. It was from this event that we began to study and research about every type of cancer remedy we could get our hands-on. What I learned was that the majority of cancer are caused by diet, stress, and chemicals. That's when we made an active choice to change our lives for the better. We began to eat healthy foods, reduce stress in our lives, and remove chemicals from our home and health products. What happened from there was a transformation like you would not believe. We suddenly had energy as we had never had before. We felt better than we had in years. This spawned the idea that we somehow had stumbled upon a secret that not many people were aware of and we wanted to share that secret with the world. The secret is simple. Mother nature provides everything we need to survive and thrive. The problem was sifting through all of the information and products to find the very best that mother nature has to offer. That is why Mother Nature's Best was created. Our mission is to vigorously find and research the safest, most effective, chemical-free products in the world and to share this secret with millions of people just like us. We believe that by completing our mission, we will change the world, one person, at a time. We hope you will join us in our mission.

God Bless!
Josh and Jamie Strittmatter

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Dala Balm Co. Lavender Anti-Aging Balm